For their first date two years ago, Katie picked up Caryn in Vail, and they drove an hour on a narrow, winding alpine road, to a pristine mountain-top lake, nestled in a perfect little valley 9,350 ft. above the rest of us. 

754 days later (yes, Katie counted!), they got married in that exact spot. And day 755 TOTALLY NAILED IT!

Wedding Highlight Video

I was reminded of two lessons up there in the mountains-- 1) It's very difficult to wipe away one's tears while holding a camera, and 2) There's nothing more important than making deliberate, personalized choices for your wedding day. 

Every detail was so thoroughly KATIE AND CARYN. From the location to the vows to the custom-ordered cupcakes and mid-afternoon nap. These personal details underscore the depth of your connection and commitment--and ensure that I will be a crying mess while putting the finishing touches on your wedding video. 

Full Ceremony