Yes, Jess and Fritz met on Tinder. Yes, it was her first short visit to Seattle. And yes, basically writing an ad for internet dating, they instantly fell in love, and she moved literally across the country to be with him!

So they officially won Tinder!

Before you grab your phone and start maniacally swiping for your soul-mate, check out this video of these two knockouts. I don't know if they're professional models, but I do know that they were the easiest people in the world to shoot. So much perfect footage ended up on the cutting room floor!

This was an idyllic upstate party in the woods, ending with a bonfire complete with s'more deliveries and Fritz's friends strumming all my favorite 90s tunes. 

Jess & Fritz Wedding Video

Both Jess and Fritz said in their vows that they never expected to meet such a perfect match, that they didn't think this was in the cards for either of them. Seeing them together makes this sound impossible--one look at them and it's clear that they're each other's perfect puzzle pieces.

Full Upstate Ceremony