Since shooting Caitlin and Dillon's wedding, I have started to regularly tell my close friends that I love them. It's a thing I've felt but hadn't tended to put words to until I saw this couple's community just overflowing with love.

After walking down the isle, Dillon greeted each groomsman with a hug and an, "I love you, buddy. Thanks for being here." No hesitation: "Love you too, man. This is awesome."

And they're not just throwing the term around! Every guest at their wedding was there to 100% support and love these two. It was palpable in every hug I saw, every toast we heard, every conversation I had with a family member or friend. It's more than camaraderie -- it's a deep sense of being on the same team and sincerely wishing them the best (and putting in the work to ensure it) with every bone in their body.

I'd never left a wedding with the desire to make sure those I love know it. But here I am tearing up a bit just remembering some of the love-filled moments from Caitlin and Dillon's wedding.

I loved shooting this wedding. I loved editing it and reliving bits of it. And, friends and family, I love you guys. And I want you to know it.

And see for yourself the overflow of love at their reception: