Guys! Just look at how much Matt loves Bianca. In every single shot, he’s just glowing, shooting little love lasers right at her. They are so into each other, and you can tell everything feels right and all the little stressers fly away when they’re together. They’re best friends, and they’re obviously perfect puzzle pieces.

When they sat next to each other in freshman high school biology, neither of them had any idea they were dissecting frogs with the future love of their life. Matt moved to a different school, they’d run into each other every now and then, and 8 years later they saw each other in Hoboken, Matt asked her out, and here we are! Their first date is still one of their favorite nights of their relationship. They met at a bar, ordered every appetizer on the menu, and talked all night.

What a pleasure to spend all day with them at my favorite venue in New Jersey.


Ceremony Video

Reception Video