A few years ago, when her brother tried to set her up with someone, Maciel’s immediate response was, “Hell No!”

Luckily that someone was Baruch, who ended up reaching out, and luckily he’s got some serious texting game! Last month at their ceremony, when asked if she’d take Baruch as her husband, she paused for a second because she knew she was about to bring down the house, and said, “HELL YES!”

Really had a lot of fun with these two, and felt like their families immediate took me in as one of their own for the day—they’re just so wrapped in love by the people around them.

And talk about a chill bride! Their original venue pulled out a few months out from their wedding, and instead of freaking out, they were just like, “Oh well I guess we’ll just find an even better more beautiful venue with basically no notice.” And they pulled it off like it was nothing.

Look at these rock stars!