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Danielle & Andrew | Stalking the Perfect Sunset

Danielle & Andrew | Stalking the Perfect Sunset

A wedding where the couple leaves dinner to go hang with a field of lambs and watch the sunset with a couple'a cows is my kind of wedding!

These two are all about adventure—not even their wedding day could stop them.

Around half of their vows centered on their favorite adventures they’d taken together and adventures they’ve yet to even plan. And one of their favorite things is catching a great sunset. This is how I knew they were my kind of people. I grew up with that ethos in Colorado—a good spot to watch a sunset is totally worth that extra mile and a half around the cliff and up the hill!

Their friends and family are hilarious, brilliant, loving, and super supportive. Their dance floor was rockin. Their venue was perfect. And their night ended with s’mores at a bonfire.

They nailed it.

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