Congrats Shelbie and Michael!

I want your photos to be breathtaking. I want to give you images that you can't wait to plaster all over social media. They’ll be candid, romantic, artistic, and elicit belly laughs and all kinds of tears. I want strangers who see your pics to say, “I don’t even know them, and I’m cyring!” I want them to knock your socks so far off that you'll decide it's easier to just live the rest of your life barefoot.

And more than that, I want you to have a great time as we shoot together. You'll probably spend more time with your photographer on your wedding day than with each other, and the folks behind the cameras control a good deal of the experience of your day. You gotta find someone you're excited to be around, someone you’re comfortable with, someone whose energy matches how you want to remember your day.

So--hello there! 



I can't wait to create something beautiful with you!

It's my top priority to make sure you feel calm and carefree throughout your wedding, to make your day as smooth and easy as possible. Your job is just to get married and dance your face off!

Bride getting ready

Have any questions?

Of course you do!

I'll start by answering some of the most common ones I get. Have any others? Don't be a stranger--feel free to get in touch at any point!

How much of our day will you shoot? 

Depends on the package, but my preference is the whole darn thing! I love to do all-day coverage, because I don't want anyone to have to pick and choose which hours of the day are more valuable for coverage, and I want to tell your story in its entirety. That's why I do this--to tell your story--from getting ready until you leave the reception.

When will we get our photos?

I'll send over a few sneak peaks within a couple of days. After that, you'll have your final images within 4-6 weeks of your wedding. I don't want to make you wait any longer than it takes to get them looking perfect in the editing room. 

Will our photos be edited?

Of course! Every photo I deliver has been hand-picked, individually edited, and organized to tell the story of your day. Editing and delivery are included at no extra charge, because, well, that's what you're hiring me to do and I'm not here to nickel-and-dime ya!

How do we receive our photos?

I'll send your images to you, fully edited and in high resolution, in a personalized online gallery. From there, you can download them with a single click, share the link with anyone in the world, and even order prints directly from the site. Delivery on fancy-schmancy USB drive is also available in some of my packages.

Did you say “prints?!”

Yup! It's super easy order prints straight from your online gallery in just a few clicks. The professional print shop I work with, White House Custom Color, always delivers amazing prints. And they come straight to your mailbox, ready to be placed into the perfect frame.

We're in! How do we reserve our date?

Just let me know! I'll shoot over a contract and an invoice for initial payment (50% of the total). Once I've got a signed contract and the initial payment, your date is set in stone on my calendar, and we're good to go! That's when the fun part begins!

At the end of the day, I just want to have a blast with you two and create some stellar memories for you to keep for the rest of your lives. (Spoiler alert: we’re gonna have a blast—no way around it!)

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Now for the Brass (and exciting!) Tacks:


—8 consecutive hours of Wedding Day photo coverage by Cory

—Delivery of high-res images in personal online gallery



—10 consecutive hours of Wedding Day photo coverage by Cory

—Delivery of high-res images in personal online gallery

—Engagement shoot included



—12 consecutive hours of Wedding Day photo coverage by Cory

—Delivery of high-res images in personal online gallery

—USB drive Delivery

—Engagement shoot included

—Day-After shoot or Rehearsal Dinner coverage included



—Additional hour of wedding day photo coverage


—Engagement shoot


—Day-After shoot - zero stress, as many locations and as long as you’d like!


—Rehearsal Dinner coverage


—Second shooter


Let's do this!


For now, sit back, grab your favorite libation, and fill out this fun little questionnaire. Of course, feel free to reach out with any questions you may have in the meantime! Chat soon!

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